Direct Listing Application

Vote Listing Application

Upon verification, we will handpick coins that will participate in the current round of the listing Competition.
Only one (1) coin will be declared as the winner for each round. This is aside from the instant listing winner(s).


There are two ways to win the Competition:

Accumulate 70,000 (70K) points to automatically get a listing on the Exchange. This is also known as the instant listing.
Compete with other coins and whoever gets the highest number of points wins.

To start earning points, go to then look for your coin name and click its Vote button.


1. Publish an Article on an Crypto Website – 5,000 Points

Get at least one article published on an authority crypto website and discuss the following:
About Sekopay
About the Coin Vote Listing Competition.
You can also promote your coin and its participation in the Coin Comp.
Provide links to our platform and the page where anyone can vote for your coin at
By authority crypto website, it is a website that is well regarded in the cryptocurrency world for having reliable and quality information or news about the subject, e.g. CoinDesk. These sites rank higher in search results so you can spot them right away.
Each website has its own policies on contributing articles, you might have to sign up as a guest blogger, go through screening to have your article published.

2. Get an Influencer to Talk About You and Sekopay – 5,000 Points

Get an influencer with at least 50K followers to
(i) create content about your coin community featuring Sekopay
(ii) promote it to his/her audience.

3. Brand Visibility on Your Website – 5,000 Points

Display the coin listing banner on your official website on the homepage, either at the header or footer.
It should link back to
The embedded medium must generate 1,000 visits to the Sekopay Coin Vote page.
Download Sekopay banners/logos/widgets here:
Download Here

4. Create a Youtube Video About You and Sekopay – 5,000 Points

Produce and publish a video on Youtube.
What to include in the video: talk about your coin, why it should be listed on the Exchange, why we should list you on the Exchange, and ask your community to vote for your coin.
The video must include a link to on the first line of its description.
For the video caption, write: Get listed in Sekopay Exchange.
Include Sekopay in the video tags.
Get the video to gain at least 500 views.
Share this video on Twitter with the hashtags #sekopay #coinlisting #supportourcoin #sekopay-ex

5. Let Us Know Any of Your Suggestions – 1,000 Points

How can you provide value to us and help spread the word about us? What websites do you own where you can feature us on?
Let us know about your ideas. Contact

6. Email Your Community – 1,000 Points

Send a daily email blast to your community. In this email blast, tell your community about your coin’s participation in the Competition and ask them to support and vote for your coin.
The email should be sent out to at least 2,000 contacts and include in the mailing list.
As proof of the email blast, send a screenshot containing the number of the recipients and the content to

7. Post on Bitcoin Forum – 1,000 Points

Go to Bitcoin Forum Post a comment with all the relevant details and links about your participation in the Competition.
Add to the post the sekopay logo/banner that links to the Sekopay website at

8. Pin a Post on a Crypto Trading Group on Facebook – 1,000 Points

Pin a post on a Crypto Trading FB Group with at least 10,000 members.
The pinned post will promote your coin’s bid to win a listing at the Exchange.
The post should link back to and

9. Create a Reddit Post – 1,000 Points

Create a post promoting your coin on your subreddit and cross-post it on u/SekoPayCoinDEV
The post must receive at least 100 upvotes to earn points.
The post must also include a link to the Coin Listing Competition.
Support and vote for your coin at

10. Buy SEKO Use To Vote One (1) SEKO = One (1) Vote – 45,000 Points.
This is the only Vote payment address Sbnk3mqTYsirpiyBmjPnUsA8D1ha2c2cjT

Once payment has been sent send you transaction id to along with what coin you have made payment for and your Discord id.


The points earned by each coin are checked each day for fake votes, spamming, and other similar activities. Since the competition receives a huge number of fake votes, please note that the points seen on the page are not the final and verified numbers.

Winners of the Coin Listing Competition are subject to the rules and regulations of the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority and other regulatory bodies.
Buying SEKO Coin is considered a term of involvement of the SEKO community and should not be considered as payment for the listing.
Winning the Coin Listing Competition does not equate to being automatically listed on the Exchange. Every Coin Comp winner must go through the onboarding and integration process. All listing conditions will apply, refer to this guide.
Spamming is not tolerated. It could lead to disqualification from the Competition.

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